About Us

At From Scratch, we make it easy for you to give homemade baked goods to family and friends without all the work. From seasonal pies and tarts to decadent cakes and a variety of desserts in between, we bake our items daily and deliver them to your door.

Whether you need a Double Chocolate Ganache tart for a dinner party or want to send an Apple Pie to a friend, we have you covered. We take the time to do it right, using only fresh and seasonal ingredients, so you can have homemade without the hassle.

When flowers aren’t the answer and a bottle of wine is not quite right, our baked goods are the perfect gift. From Scratch baked goods are perfect for new baby gifts, dinner parties, teacher and hostess gifts or just a homemade treat that you did not have to bake yourself.

Our monthly menu will be emailed to you twice a month, and you simply need to place your order by Tuesday for a Friday delivery. You can also come pick up your item by appointment. Why bother baking when you can get it From Scratch!

Homemade without the hassle.